Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system. It is the placement of hands while energy is channeled. The energy flows providing a sense of peace and warmth. Many individuals are pulled in various directions creating major stress, some are dealing with grief over a loved one, and others stuck due to energy blockages or chronic pain.

Stephanie’s passion is to share Reiki’s energy to clear blocked energy, ease stress and anxiety, and allow a person to relax and make the positive changes necessary to live life fully. It would be the greatest honor for her to provide Reiki’s gift toward your highest good and to humbly share this with you.

Stephanie received her Reiki I training from her Master, Kinko Hamilton. Her Level II training was done with Reiki Master, Brett Bevell. She is registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

Call today to book your Reiki session:  609-992-3880

30 minutes   $40

50 minutes   $60